The Perfect Last Mile distribution network.

Transforming the delivery network for the future of e-commerce.

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Customers prefer the
cheapest and closest

delivery method.

Home deliveries are inefficient for delivery companies due to low rate of successful first-time deliveries.

Graph depicting Customer preferences for parcel deliveries

The Perfect Last Mile distribution network has the key elements.

  1. Close to the customer
  2. Low cost of delivery
  3. High first time delivery rate
Courier delivering pacakge to Parcelsea’s community locker

Community locker combines the best features of every channel

Table showing Community Locker advantages compared to other delivery methodsTable showing Community Locker advantages compared to other delivery methods
Animated image showing transformation from current parcel network into future parcel network

Parcelsea’s solution enables carriers to achieve a close to customer network that has a low cost of delivery and 100% first time delivery rate.

The Perfect Last Mile network combines the community lockers with the existing delivery channels.
Picture of Community Locker in an urban setting

Community locker enables to optimize last mile delivery channels

  • Located ~300m from customers

  • Serves several households

  • 24/7 available for deliveries and pickups

  • Contactless handover

Omniva built an open parcel box network to be close to homes.

  • Increased parcel volume
  • Delivery cost reduction
  • New revenue streams

“Parcel delivery and postal services are becoming more personal. The closer we can be to the customer, the better.”

Mart mägi chairman of Estonian Post

Mart Mägi
Chairman of
Estonian Post

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