Your personal smart mailbox is just few steps away

Why Parcelsea smart mailbox?

You no longer have to worry about receiving and sending packages with the annoyance of arranging a time with a courier. As a smart mailbox user, you have the freedom to plan your time and journey according to your preferences.


The smart mailbox rental fee includes regular yearly maintenance.

100 text messages per month?

An SMS will be sent to the customer for every delivery made. First 100 SMS are free of charge. After that a fee of 0.05 € / SMS will apply.

What happens when the machine is full of packages?

If there are already parcels in all the boxes, the courier will contact the owner. The owner can open the smart mailbox remotely and, if there is still space, insert the parcel in the same box as another parcel.

What happens when the battery runs out?

The battery of the smart mailbox lasts for one year. The owner can either charge the battery himself or order maintenance to replace the battery.

How does the partnership work with other service providers?

All couriers have access to empty compartments, as the compartments remain unlocked until a parcel is placed inside.