Product information

Do you remember the situation when the courier announced that he would be there in 5 minutes, but you had an important web meeting in progress? Or did you have to extend the journey home by several minutes to receive the parcels?

The ParcelSea smart mailbox is your personal parcel machine that accepts parcels ordered at home for you. Also, you can send packages with the smart mailbox without even meeting the courier! Thanks to the smart mailbox, couriers can deliver and pick up parcels completely without communication and contact.

ParcelSea OÜ received a € 35,000 grant from the European Regional Fund for the implementation of smart mailbox product development.

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Three boxes

The ParcelSea smart mailbox consists of three boxes of different sizes (L, M, XS) and a standard letterbox. At the bottom of cell L there is also a thermal box where you can put goods that need cold


You can open the smart mailbox with a PIN code or send an SMS to the smart mailbox. The owner will receive an SMS notification about entering packages.

Open solution

An open solution. The ParcelSea smart mailbox is an integration-free and open solution where all courier companies, grocery stores and private individuals can leave their packages.


We will install the mailbox to your desired location. If you have a locked garden or a dog in the yard, the mailbox should remain in the street-side area of ​​the garden. If accessibility and safety are guaranteed, smart mailbox can also be placed inside the yard.


Technical information


472mm x 530mm x 526mm


252mm x 367mm x 526mm


252mm x 120mm x 360mm

Regular mailbox

Weight 65kg

Total size: 780mm x 600mm x 800mm

parcelsea smart mailbox sections
smart mailbox boxes