Esto Slice 10 payment option

esto slice järelmaks nutipostkast

ESTO 10 payment option – split the payment for your shopping cart into ten equal instalments!

Use the quick and convenient ESTO 10 payment option to pay for goods or services – split the payment for your shopping cart into ten equal instalments!

Add products to your shopping cart, confirm your order, select the ESTO 10 payment option and conveniently add your digital signature with your ID-card, a Mobile-ID or a Smart-ID.

  • When you pay for your shopping cart in full and on time in ten months, hire-purchase agreement shall be considered successfully completed and fully paid up.
  • Your monthly payment is calculated by dividing the total sum of your shopping cart into ten equal parts.
  • The ESTO 10 payment option can be applied for by all Estonian citizens aged 18-70.

ESTO 10 payment conditions

ESTO 10 service is offered by ESTO AS. Using the ESTO 10 is a financial decision that involves risks and obligations; therefore, we recommend you thoroughly consider the need for using credit services before doing so. Should you fail to pay the instalments according to the ESTO 10 payment schedule, your ESTO 10 agreement will be terminated and your debt to ESTO AS shall be considered as used credit according to the ESTO overdraft agreement, and additional fees shall be added according to the overdraft agreement.

For example, for a credit sum of 990 euros over 10 months with 0% fixed annual interest and an agreement fee of 0 euros, the percentage rate of the charge shall be 0%, the monthly payment shall be 99 euros and the total sum payable by the consumer shall be 990 euros.

The ESTO 10 service is offered by ESTO AS.
Phone: (+372) 622 52 52