Parcelsea smart mailbox – your personal locker.

9,99 € Per month

About smart mailbox

ParcelSea smart mailbox is your personal locker, that accepts your packages in a secure and contact-free way, without you even being home. The smart mailbox is made of 3 different size sections and fits various package sizes, letters, an up to 5 grocery bags.


Contact-free solution accepts deliveries for you 24/7 without you being there.

Different sections

Parcelsea smart mailbox has different sections that can hold multiple packages at the same time (from large to extra small) and up to 5 grocery bags.


Smart mailbox will be delivered and installed in a chosen location at your home. Parcelsea team will also make a short introduction to get us acquainted.

Open solution

Empty sections are always open, which means that all courier companies, retail stores, friends and even the neighbour can deliver packages to you.


Only the owner can access the deliveries using an app or PIN. Delivery persons can only access empty sections.

How does it work?

Install smart mailbox at your home.

Order your goods online via home delivery.

Couriers can open smart mailbox by themselves.

Couriers only have access to empty sections which will lock after delivery.

You will receive a text message when a section has been locked.

The secured packages will wait you until you get home.


Accepts groceries, newpapers, mail and packages of different sizes (L, M, XS).
Your deliveries and food are secure with the smart mailbox.
You will receive a text message when the delivery has arrived.
Smart mailbox is weatherproof and protects your packages from the elements.
Battery operated which lasts up to 1 year.
Working temperatures are between -25C/-13F and +60C/140F.

Recent installations

Pirita, Tallinn
Parcelsea smart mailbox in Pirita
Viimsi, Harjumaa
Parcelsea smart mailbox in Viimsi
Viimsi, Harjumaa
Parcelsea smart mailbox in Viimsi
Viimsi, Harjumaa
Parcelsea smart mailbox in Viimsi

Client feedback

Being at home with 2 toddlers makes finding even the few minutes to accept packages such a headache. With the ParcelSea smart mailbox there is one less issue to worry about. I also love the design - it fits perfectly with our home!
Triin, mother of 2
I order online quite often and end up having to plan my day around receiving the deliveries. Sometimes it’s hard to make it happen and the packages are taken to the post office, which is very time consuming. The ParcelSea smart mailbox has completely removed the hassle around recieving my packages. 
Toomas, entrepreneur

Smart mailbox for your home

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