Parcelsea pulls out of the parcel world and offers customers a laundry service


The domestic Parcelsea startup’s smart mailbox is getting smarter every day, and the modern mailbox is no longer just for improving the last mile of parcel service. Parcelsea is also moving rapidly out of the parcel world, already helping households in three different countries – Estonia, Finland, and Germany.

95% of Parcelsea users would recommend a smart mailbox to a friend!


A year ago, when we came up with smart mailbox prototypes to quickly solve the problem of waiting for a courier, we started collecting feedback from test customers about what our first market product should be like. Thanks to the agile testing crew, already in May, we were able to enter the market with the […]

10 dozen packages ordered to smart mailboxes = 395 marathons


Do you think that a small detour to the store to pick up a parcel from the parcel machine is not a big-time for you? But will your opinion change if we tell you that with the same time you could go through Ironman or read the whole “Truth and Justice” book in a year?

Parcelsea’s new pilot project brings farm food home even more conveniently

taluliit nutikas postkast

The manufacturer of smart mailboxes Parcelsea started cooperating with Estonian farmers to bring clean domestic farm food to the townspeople more conveniently. Kerli Ats, the CEO of the Farm Association, also talked about the project in more detail – listen to her in a Vikerradio broadcast. PS! The broadcast is in Estonian. As part of the pilot […]

In Haapsalu letters to Santa Claus are delivered via Parcelsea smart mailbox

parcelsea smart mailbox haapsalu

Starting last week, the Haapsalu Santa’s house received a new addition in the form of a Parcelsea smart mailbox, which allows anyone to deliver a letter to Santa Claus. According to the deputy mayor of Haapsalu, Tõnu Parbus, this year’s Santa Claus house did not have a place to attach a regular mailbox, so Parcelsea […]

Sell us your old mailbox!

sell your old mailbox

The smart mailbox performs several functions – it stores parcels, sends them out, keeps the temperature of frozen products in the Thermo box, and also receives paper-based shipments. However, if we have a smart mailbox in front of the house, then for what purpose does the traditional mailbox is still present? Give it up and get a Parcelsea smart mailbox for 20€ cheaper!

Parcelsea is now officially in Finland!

finnish smart mailbox

After 1 year and 1 day of the birth of Parcelsea, we are glad to announce that the testing round for Finland was a great success and as of last week, the first installation of the smart mailbox for Suomen Pesupaikat in Helsinki was made!  Therefore, as of today already all households in the western […]